Make It Through Self Isolation and Remote Working

Stuck at home in self-isolation? Restricted to remote working as a precaution? Whatever your situation, we've pulled together a collection of the best tips and tricks to help you maximise production and make the most of your time locked up at home. With Christian Cawley and Gavin Philips.

We take a look at some ways big tech has been helping Joe Public cope with COVID-19 coronavirus:
We've also put together some tips and tricks for home working
PLUS: a list of things to do in self-isolation:
  • Play Call of Duty: Warzone (battle royale game)
  • Play steam games
  • Fix old photos with mobile apps
  • Save money by cutting the cable
  • Do online surveys
  • Home schooling
  • Use Udemy, Khan Academy, YouTube and other resources to learn new skills
  • Do some DIY or redecorate
  • Get fit---you can still go outside
In short, there's no reason to be bored! We also take a look at the latest tech giveaways and reviews on MakeUseOf:
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Christian Cawley