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Huge T-Mobile Data Breach, Smartphone RAM Explained, and Parental Controls for Phones and Tablets

Our tech podcast for technophobes tackles parental control software and whether your phone has enough RAM.

New Sony Walkman and the Best Windows Apps to Install on a New PC

Get started with your new Windows PC with our in-depth discussion of the first 15 apps you should install.

What Is CES, What Happens There, and What Products Were Unveiled at CES 2023?

This week, Gavin Phillips answers questions about CES, explaining the purpose of the annual event and what he saw there.

Meta Fined by Europe PLUS How to Buy an iPhone and Switch from Android

We've got the latest tech news for technophobes and everything you need to know about switching from Android to iPhone.

Online Dating Tips, Using Windows XP in 2023, and How Much Are NFTs Really Worth?

Want to get lucky in online dating? Need to run old Windows games? Thinking of buying an NFT? You need to listen to this podcast first.

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