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Connect 4 in Microsoft Teams, Protect Your Phone From Thieves, and Tablet Touchscreen Repair Tips

Learn about playing games in Microsoft Teams, how to protect your phone from thieves, and fix tablet touchscreen issues.

Xbox Keystone Leak, DOOM in Everything, Save Scumming, Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, and High Resolution Wallpapers

We bring you the latest news on Xbox Keystone, explain some Windows keyboard shortcuts, and where to find high resolution desktop wallpapers.

Android Auto for Phones Ends, Bootable USB Devices, Online City Building Games, and Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Learn why Android Auto is changing, how to make a bootable USB to restore your PC operating system, enjoy city building games in your browser, and how to start your own YouTube channel.

Google Drive, Free Phone Apps, Reasons to Switch from Linux to Windows, and Google Opinion Rewards Tricks

We bring you tips and tricks for securing your Google Drive, making free phone calls, earning money on Google Opinion Rewards, and more!

Steam Deck Repair, Windows 11 Ethically Hacked, Anonymous Browsers, and External Hard Disk Errors

Our tech podcast looks at the Steam Deck repair notes from iFixit, anonymous browsing, and more!

Use Excel with EVE Online, Play Fortnight on iOS, and Blur Your House on Google Street View

Spreadsheets hit a galactic realm, Microsoft sneaks Fortnite onto iOS, and how you can blur your home on Google Street View (and if you should) are just a few of the topics covered in this podcast.

Xbox Game Streaming Success, Free VPNs, HDMI Cable Types, and NFTs

Learn why Xbox game streaming is bigger than you think, the truth about free VPNs, HDMI cable types, and NFTs in this week's podcast.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Computer Security Is Your Responsibility, and Block Scam Calls

Get our reaction to Elon Musk buying Twitter, learn why computer security is down to you, and how to block scam calls.

Elon Musk Buys All the Tweets, Nintendo Switch Dockless on a TV, and How to Say Sorry in an Email

We bring you up to speed on Elon Musk's Twitter buyout, explain how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV without the dock, and more tips and tricks.

Windows 11's Default Browser, Turn Your Phone into a PC, and Fix Windows 10 Freezing Issues

Learn how to turn your phone into a PC and fix Windows freezing issues in this week's podcast.

Windows 11 Flatlines, Raspberry Pi Shortage Explained, and Clean Your Windows PC

The time is coming when you can repair your own phone, Windows 11 takeup slows, Raspberry Pi shortage explained, and more in our weekly podcast.

Bing Source Code Leak, Amazon Apps on Windows 11, Best Smartphone Cameras

Is the Bing source code leak important? Will the EU force Apple to enable sideloading on iPhone? And what is the best smartphone camera?

Microsoft Store Survey, Virtual Beer in the Metaverse, and Fixing a Cracked Phone Screen

Learn about Microsoft's latest user survey and learn how to fix a cracked smartphone screen with our weekly tech podcast for technophobes.

Reddit Slates ClipChamp, DuckDuckGo Annoys Users, Why You Should Use Word Online

We look at why ClipChamp is bad, why DuckDuckGo is annoying its users, and why you should use Word Online.

Free Bitcoin, Microsoft Drops Russia, Switch to a Cellular iPad, and Answer Security Questions Wrong

You can now get free Bitcoin, but should you use a cellular iPad? This and other questions are answered in this week's podcast.

Anonymous Return, Windows 11 Reset Bug, Steam Deck Surprises, and How to Build a Modular Laptop

Our tech podcast for technophobes explains a new bug in Windows 11, the return of Anonymous, and give syou tips on how to build a modular laptop.

Android Apps in Windows 11, Microsoft Edge Expands, and Why Is Nintendo Closing the Wii U and 3DS eShop?

Learn about running Android apps on Windows 11, how Microsoft Edge is becoming more popular, and why Nintendo is closing the Wii U and 3DS eShop.

Better Teams Performance, Material You Themes for Android 12, and Why Google Is Killing YouTube Originals

MIcrosoft Teams has been improved, but how does this affect you? Why is Google killing YouTube Originals, and can you get a new theme for Android 12?

Make Windows 11 Faster, Microsoft Defender Surprises, Data Recovery Explained, and Get Amazon Prime for Less

Learn how to make Windows 11 faster, trust Microsoft Defender, and beat the Amazon Prime price rise in this week's podcast.

Sony Buys Bungie, Wardle Sells Wordle, Facebook Quits Crypto, and eBay Scams

Sony fights back and Wordle is sold to the NYT. Facebook quits the crypto game, and how do you spot a scam on eBay?

Microsoft Buys Activision, Robovac Escapes, USB-C Explained, and Car Wi-Fi

Learn more about the Microsoft-Blizzard deal, an escaping robovac, and understand USB-C and in-car Wi-Fi.

Who Are YouTube's Top Earners, What Is Reddit, and What Game Consoles Launch in 2022?

We look at the top earners on YouTube, recent cyber attacks, explain Reddit, and discover new game consoles launching in 2022.

Amazon Fire, Roku, or Apple TV - Which Streaming TV Device Should You Use?

Not sure which TV streaming device to buy? We share our experience with Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV.

Have a Laugh With Your Smart Speaker With These Amusing Smart Assistant Instructions

Looking for a way to amuse yourself but only have Siri to help you out? Need a laugh, but you're alone with Alexa? Want Google Assistant to make you chuckle? Worry not - we have all the best phrases and prompts to get the maximum amusement from your smart speaker.

How to Make 2022 the Year for You

With 2022 upon us, your thoughts might be turning towards making better use of the 12 months ahead. We look at different ways you can realise your ambitions.

How to Get the Best Network Speed in Your Home

Struggling with your home wireless network speeds? Here's how even the fastest internet can be slowed by bad hardware or poor router positioning.

What Is the Metaverse and How Will It Change Your Life?

You've heard of the metaverse, but what is it? Will you need a special VR helmet - and will the metaverse change your life?

What Is the Supply Chain Crisis and How Does It Impact Your Online Shopping?

The supply chain has been put under enormous strain. But what is the supply chain, and why is it in crisis?

PC Building, Retro Games, Casual Games, and Memories

For our 100th episode, the Really Useful Podcast team gets together to discuss PC building, gaming, and lots more besides.

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