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New Twitter Scam, Meta Verified Launches, and ChatGPT-4 Explained

This week, we chat about the following tech news that matters:New Twitter Scam Targets Online Banking Customers With RetweetsFake ChatGPT Chrome Extension Steals Faceb...

Proton VPN Browser Extension, How to Change Your Email Address, and ChatGPT Windows App Is Fake

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The Nintendo Switch Is 6 Years Old! Celebrating the Popular Game Console

The Nintendo Switch is six years old this month. Released on March 3rd, 2017, the versatile game console has proved hugely successful, becoming home not just to Ninten...

Emojis Are Financial Advice, Activision Hacked, and Will ChatGPT-Powered AI Steal Your Job?

Beware emoji financial advice! We take a look at perhaps the craziest tech news ever, attempt to decipher Spotify's latest NFT flirtation, explore digital currencies, ...

Meta's Facebook Verification, How VPNs Evolved, and Connect an Android Phone to Your TV

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What Is ChatGPT and What Can You Do With Generative AI?

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and generative AI (that is, artificial intelligence than can "create" texts, art, music, and even video). But what can you do with it...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Specs Revealed, Should You Use Google Fi, and How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

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Huge T-Mobile Data Breach, Smartphone RAM Explained, and Parental Controls for Phones and Tablets

Our tech podcast for technophobes tackles parental control software and whether your phone has enough RAM.

New Sony Walkman and the Best Windows Apps to Install on a New PC

Get started with your new Windows PC with our in-depth discussion of the first 15 apps you should install.

What Is CES, What Happens There, and What Products Were Unveiled at CES 2023?

This week, Gavin Phillips answers questions about CES, explaining the purpose of the annual event and what he saw there.

Meta Fined by Europe PLUS How to Buy an iPhone and Switch from Android

We've got the latest tech news for technophobes and everything you need to know about switching from Android to iPhone.

Online Dating Tips, Using Windows XP in 2023, and How Much Are NFTs Really Worth?

Want to get lucky in online dating? Need to run old Windows games? Thinking of buying an NFT? You need to listen to this podcast first.

The Really Useful Podcast Review of the Year 2022

We look back at the highs and lows of the tech and gaming worlds in 2022.

The Best Christmas Apps and Websites for Cooking, Music, Entertainment, and More This Yuletide

Desperate for Christmas recipes? Need to entertain your children this holiday season? We've got all the apps you need.

LastPass Breached Again, Free Streaming TV Services, Wi-Fi Standards Explained, and VPNs on Smart TVs

The latest tech news that matters and some tips and tricks for improved streaming video performance.

New TikTok Scam, Twitter Cryptocoin Scams, and the Internet of Things Explained

We take a look at some new online scams in this week's tech podcast for technophobes.

How to Survive Black Friday: Avoid Scams, Shopping, and Find Your Inner Peace

Avoid the pressure of Black Friday by bring prepared and aware of scams, or just escape the madness altogether...

Bitcoin Crash, Windows 11's Start Menu Ads, Portless iPhone Rumoured, and What is WPA3?

Will a portless iPhone inspire other mobile phone manufacturers to follow suit?

Instagram NFTs, Facebook Privacy, Twitter Alternatives, and What Is Mastodon?

Everyone's talking about quitting Twitter, but what are the alternatives? What is Mastodon? Why is Instagram selling NFTs, and why would Facebook team up with the DHS?

What Is Elon Musk's X App? PLUS: Secure Wi-Fi from Neighbours, Android Auto Troubleshooting

Our weekly tech podcast for technophobes explains Elon Musk's plans for Twitter, how to secure your Wi-Fi from your neighbors, and tips for troubleshooting Android Auto.

Nintendo Switch Special: Models, Games, SD Card Management, and More!

We look at how amazing the Nintendo Switch game console is, why you should own one, and what you could be playing on it.

Android VPN Leak, Raspberry Pi DOS PC, and the Windows Registry Explained

Weekly podcast offering tech news for technophobes and tips and tricks explains how to back-up the Windows Registry.

A New Private Search Engine, Set a Desktop Video Background, and RIP Cryptocurrency Mining

We look at why cryptocurrency mining is no longer "a thing" and examine some recent privacy and security news.

Goodbye Google Stadia: Why the Cloud Gaming Service Is Closing

Google Stadia is being retired. We look at what this means to cloud gaming and other Google projects that have been retired.

GTA6 Hack Arrest, Tech Jobs You Can Do Without Coding, and What Is Ethereum Merge?

Did you know you can get a job in the tech industry without knowing how to code? This and other tips in the latest Really Useful Podcast.

GTA6 Leaked, Microsoft Edge Adware, and Travel Through Time in Google Street View

This week's podcast explores the GTA6 leak, reveals how adware hit Microsoft Edge, and shows you how to time travel in Google Street View.

TikTok Security Breach Hoax, Windows 11 Health Check, Reasons You Should Have a Dashcam

Our weekly tech podcast for technophobes breaks down some concerning TikTok security news and offers more tips and tricks for making better use of your devices.

Samsung Data Breach, Twitter Edit Button, Windows Reset Tricks, Disney+ Mobile App Secrets

Our weekly podcast brings you the tech news that matters to everyone, along with some handy tips and tricks to make better use of your devices.

Plex User Data Leak, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, and Apps to Keep Coastlines Clean

Weekly podcast offering tech news for technophobes and tips and tricks this week shows you how to keep coastlines clean with an app.

Malicious Android Apps, Cast to Xbox One, You've Been Caught in a Phishing Scam, and Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

Our weekly tech podcast for technophobes features security news that affects the devices you use, as well as tips to make better use of your tech.

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