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Everything You Need to Do After Buying a New Laptop or PC

Buying a new computer? Make sure you spend time setting it up properly with the apps and hardware you need.

Nintendo Switch OLED and Steam Deck: The Next Stage of Portable Gaming?

Interested in the Nintendo Switch OLED? Prefer the upcoming Steam Deck? Learn how portable gaming is getting a boost.

Why Are Audacity Users Concerned About Telemetry and Is It Really a Privacy Risk?

Introducing telemetry reporting to Audacity has caused a storm in the open source community. But what is telemetry, and is it really as bad for this audio editing tool as its fans think?

Why 2021 Is the Year of Ransomware

Ransomware is a threat at all levels in 2021, from home users to corporations, supply chains, and utilities infrastructure.

Amazing and Simple DIY Tech Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you're looking for a budget desk or need to fix your HDTV antenna, listen for a collection of top DIY tech tips.

How to Check If a Link Is Safe and Other Easy Online Security Tips

Think you're safe online? Learn how to develop new secure habits and safe online behaviors.

What Is Windows 11, When Is It Coming, and Why?

Windows 11 is on the way. What features will it have, how will it appear on your PC, and when will it arrive?

What You Need to Know About Android Auto

Is your car connected? If not, could it be? This week, we take a look at Android Auto, find out how to get the most out of it, and consider its alternative, Apple Carplay.

How to Keep Your Tech Clean With These Top Sanitation Suggestions

If your keyboard is looking crumby, your monitor is covered in splashes, or your earpods are gunky, it's time you gave them a clean.

Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch? Yes - Here's Why

Like games but don't own a Nintendo Switch? You're doing gaming wrong. Here's why you should own a Nintendo Switch.

What the Heck Is Dogecoin, Is Chia Really Green, and What Is Internet Computer?

New cryptocoins are hitting the news daily. But what is Dogecoin, and is Chia really environmentally friendly?

Can Headphones Be Vegan? A Look at Sustainability in Electronics

Can electronics be sustainable? The example of vegan headphones proves that maybe they can.

What Is a Dashcam and Do You Need One for Your Vehicle?

You've heard about dashcams, but do you really need one in your vehicle? Here's what you should know about a dashcams.

What Is Crowdfunding and Can You Trust a Kickstarter Campaign?

You've heard of crowdfunding, but what is it? How do you get involved to help creators, what do you get out of it, and how do you spot scams on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites?

Is Learning to Code and Programming Easier Than You Think?

Adverts for programming courses are everywhere. Is learning to code easier than you think?

What Is Clubhouse and How Useful Is Social Audio, Really?

Want to know more about Clubhouse and how you can join? We look at the new social audio experience and its benefits.

Our Top 5 Best Really Useful Tech Tips and Explainers

We collect our best tips and explainers from the most popular editions of the Really Useful Podcast.

What Are Non-fungible Tokens and Why Are Graphics Cards So Expensive?

What are NFTs, and what do they have to do with the price and availability of PC graphics cards?

Everything You Need to Know About Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Are you getting the most our of your Amazon Fire tablet? These tricks will help you use your tablet to its full potential.

Is Video Gaming Too Expensive?

With video games hitting the $70 price bracket, we consider the effect of this and how to save money on video gaming.

Raspberry Pi, Pico, Arduino, and Other Single-board Computers and Microcontrollers

Confused between SBCs like the Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico? Here's what you need to know.

How to Recycle Old PCs, Phones, and Other Tech

Wondering what to do with all that old tech? If you have an old PC or phone, here's how to recycle and reuse them.

How to Find Followers For Your Stream, Social Account, or Podcast

Learn how to find an audience and build a following for your social account, podcast, or stream.

How to Update Everything and Why

It's important to keep your mobiles, computers, and consoles update to date. Here's why - and how to do it.

Secrets of the Xbox One and Series X Controllers Revealed

The chances are you're not making the most out of your Xbox One controller. From opening the device to repair problems and cleaning it to using it to play Xbox games on your iPad or Android tablet, the Xbox One controller is full of surprises.

How to Record, Edit, and Promote Your Own Podcast

You listen to podcasts all the time---but how are they made? How do you create a podcast? What devices do you need to get started? How much is podcast hosting? And how do you find an audience for your podcast?

What the Really Useful Podcast Wants for Christmas 2020

We're bringing you a shorter Really Useful Podcast this week, taking a look at what tech we'd most like to find in our stockings for Christmas 2020.

What Is the Dark Web, How Do You Reach It, and Is It Safe?

You've heard of the Dark Web---but how do you access it, and is it illegal? Is it even safe to use, and what happens there? It's time to find out.

Defeat Planned Obsolescence and Embrace the Right to Repair

When was the last time you repaired any of your gadgets, computers, or other hardware? Or did you pay for a repair with an approved dealer, perhaps covered by device insurance? Technology companies are increasingly removing the right to repair, by introducing planned obsolescence into designs.

How to Buy the Right Headphones

Unsure which headphones to buy? With so many models available, it can be a tricky decision. We're here to help you identify your next headphones.

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