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Redbox Free TV, Download Movies Legally, Windows 7 Ends---What Next?

You can now enjoy live TV on the Redbox app - totally free! But what if you want to download movies legally? Well, you can! But it's not all good news: if you use Windows 7, your time is up. Christian Cawley and Ben Stegner discuss these and other tips and tricks, plus news of the latest MakeUseOf giveaways and our site recommendations.

What Is Bitcoin, How Is it Worth So Much, and How Can You Spend It?

This week's Really Useful Podcast takes a look at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You've seen it on the news and on the financial pages of newspapers. It's linked to crime and people seem to be able to actually make it using their computers.But what is Bitcoin? How does it work, what is it worth, and are cryptocoins worth your time? To find out, we welcome regular contributor James Frew, who also contributes to the Blocks Decoded website. Christian Cawley hosts the show and asks the questions.

Steam Link for iPhone! Speed Up Mobile Data! Why Are Kids Using Facebook Messenger?

Need to understand the difference between a router and modem? Looking for ways to make your mobile data faster? And how can you play PC and Mac games on your iPhone?This week's Really Useful Podcast brings you the answers to all of this and more.

Fix Broken Headphone Jacks, LCD Burn In, and Geeky Valentine's Gifts

We're back for a new run of Really Useful tips and tricks from the MakeUseOf team, this week offering some useful house technology repair tips for broken headphone hacks, LCD and plasma burn-in, and the best geeky gifts for Valentine's day!

Christian Cawley